With Lady Grammophon, you don’t have to reserve space for meetings in your own office. Thanks to Lady Grammophon, you can make your meetings more successful thanks to the aesthetic architecture, meeting your corporate stance and with modern posture meeting rooms.

You can also invite guests to your meetings by choosing Lady Grammophon meeting rooms which will increase the efficiency you can get from the meetings. Meeting rooms where you can reflect your corporate identity and brand prestige have a large capacity.

Lady Grammophon also offers a spacious parking area with public transport and meeting rooms which are very close to Dortmund city center. With Lady Grammophon you will be able to concentrate more on your business while increasing the efficiency of your meetings with Lady Grammophon.

Make Your Meetings More Efficient

Having more efficient meetings also saves you time. This allows you to take advantage of your business in peak periods. The Lady Grammophon meeting rooms, which are suitable for the meeting layout and equipped with conference hall facilities, have been developed with the latest technological infrastructure.

If you are tired of wasting time because of the problems during the meetings and you want to hold your meetings without wasting time, you can prefer Lady Grammophon meeting rooms. In Grammophon Lady, you can either have catering services or you can also come with your own catering company.

Providing flexibility in all conditions, Lady Grammophon is a brand that can create meeting spaces entirely for you. The meeting halls designed for your personal needs and the needs and comfort of your invited guests have the effect that can impress you at first sight with their aesthetic architecture and institutional stance.

If you are looking for a suitable venue for your meetings, please contact Lady Grammophon and if you wish, you can make your appointment and get your hall ready for you.

Capacity With Meal: 300 People
Capacity Without Meal: 400 People
Indoor Invitation Area
Middle Height Ceiling With Columns
Close to City Center, Forest View
Spacious Car Parking Area
Entrance For Disabled
Photo and Video Shooting
Menu Tasting
Light, Sound and Scene Service
Changeable Menu
Organization Contact
Kids’ Playground
Organization and Catering Company At Your Service
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