You can choose Lady Grammophon for the festival events you are planning to arrange. From the beginning to the end of the festival events, which you can organize as corporate or individual, Lady Grammophon Dortmund will be with you.

If you want everything to go as planned and you want to deal with your organization instead of dealing with the details, you can take advantage of Lady Grammophon’s unique festival options.

You can invite all your loved ones to the festivals you will organize in Lady Grammophon, which allows you to take advantage of the proximity to the city center and ample parking. Thanks to the ease of transportation, you can organize a festival where everyone on your guest list and make your special day unforgettable.

With a large volume and a spacious atmosphere, Lady Grammophon has an area where you cannot take your eyes off and organize your festive events with its architectural aesthetics. Not only with its architecture but also with its advanced technological infrastructure, Lady Grammophon can organize all the organizations you wish without experiencing any problems.

Professional and Experienced Team Support

Thanks to Lady Grammophon, who provides you with a wide range of space and technological infrastructures as well as friendly staff, you can organize an unforgettable program.

With a professional and experienced team, taking into account all the details you may need, Lady Grammophon offers the best opportunity for you to enjoy your own private space and enjoy your entertainment with your guests. With its advanced security system and extra comfortable structure, Lady Grammophon is also one of the indispensable addresses of luxury lovers.

You can contact Lady Grammophon in your hall needs with reliable, solid infrastructure and friendly staff that you need for your festival activities. You can contact Lady Grammophon to make the most of your special days or to get detailed information about Lady Grammophon services. Thanks to Lady Grammophon, you can have a perfect organization.

Capacity With Meal: 300 People
Capacity Without Meal: 400 People
Indoor Invitation Area
Middle Height Ceiling With Columns
Close to City Center, Forest View
Spacious Car Parking Area
Entrance For Disabled
Photo and Video Shooting
Menu Tasting
Light, Sound and Scene Service
Changeable Menu
Organization Contact
Kids’ Playground
Organization and Catering Company At Your Service
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