Baby Shower

Baby shower organizations, which have recently become more prominent in their name, are transformed into unique and unforgettable moments at Lady Grammophon Dortmund. Baby shower parties, which are among the most important parties to say ‘Hello’ to your baby, are usually arranged a few days before the birth of the baby.

You can choose Lady Grammophon if you want to have unforgettable moments with your loved ones and want to make this special moment even more special. If you want to celebrate the end of the period in which you faced many different problems during 9 months, Lady Grammophon will be with you during the process.

With this organization that you can arrange for the prince or princess of your heart, you can come together with your loved ones and start creating memories that can be remembered for a lifetime. Lady Grammophon Dortmund provides a perfect and complete service to mothers and babies on this special day.

Everything You Are Looking For To Welcome Your Baby

Lady Grammophon, who can reflect the warmth of your home, will make you and your loved ones smile with the decorations, food and drink you want. In your baby shower party where you can spend your most enjoyable and fun moments, you can always feel like you are in your own home with friends and relatives.

You can bring your special photographer to Lady Grammophon with its location close to the city center, or you can get help from Lady Grammophon’s photographers. A special children’s playground can also be arranged in Lady Grammophon, which offers light, sound and stage system services. You can make your special day unforgettable by choosing Lady Grammophon, which has great car parking capacity, the kitchen with the most special flavors and the view of the spacious forest.

Capacity With Meal: 300 People
Capacity Without Meal: 400 People
Indoor Invitation Area
Middle Height Ceiling With Columns
Close to City Center, Forest View
Spacious Car Parking Area
Entrance For Disabled
Photo and Video Shooting
Menu Tasting
Light, Sound and Scene Service
Changeable Menu
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Kids’ Playground
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