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The henna nights, which are among our most valuable and most important traditions, the closest friends of the bride side and the closest friends of the bride are invited. Henna and different gifts are sent to the side of the bride by the groom’s side. The brides wear different types of special clothes depending on the area. This special henna night dress designed with velvet is a robe type which extends to the ankles.

The selection of the hall at the henna night is also extremely important. The atmosphere of the hall in henna night should be suitable for the weight of the night. At the same time, the hall where the henna night will be held should have the width, comfort and luxury to accommodate your guests. At this point, Lady Grammophon offers professional solutions for all your needs in Dortmund.

You can serve your own food and snacks on this special night and you can also serve the very special dishes of Lady Grammophon. Lady Grammophon’s experienced and professional team adds value to your henna nights and you just have more fun and happiness.

Special Services for your Concept

If you want this special night to be remembered for a lifetime where you can host your guests in the most special concept hall of Lady Grammophon, you can prefer Lady Grammophon. You can make your henna night perfect and complete by acting together with Lady Grammophon, which is the most compatible with the henna night.

If you want to be one of your most important days and enjoy the henna night, which can be described as the turning point of your life, please contact Lady Grammophon. By taking your appointment early, you can ensure that all the details are ready for you and you can spend the rest of your time with your loved ones in a pleasant way.

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