Funeral Ceremony

Lady Grammophon offers a special funeral commemoration ceremony service in Dortmund. Lady Grammophon halls, where you can accept condolences in large capacity halls, continue their services to make this special and meaningful day worthy of the importance of your day.

If you want to accept the condolences in a private hall after the funeral, or if you think you need a place after the funeral, Lady Grammophon will take place at every moment of your life as this moment.

The Lady Grammophon team will never leave you alone on this meaningful day and carries out all their work in a professional and experienced way. if you wish, after the funeral you can use the halls for the funeral anniversary of your relatives.

Easy Access and Central Location

The Lady Grammophon is also close to the city center and has a private, high-capacity car park. In this way, you can ensure that your beloved ones are with you on your special day without any traffic problems.

In the commemoration ceremonies that you can hold for your loved ones, every detail is considered in the most special way for our valued customers. In funeral commemoration ceremonies and condolences acceptance periods which are the most important moments of your life, we are not leaving you alone for a moment.

Lady Grammophon’s large and spacious rooms are ideal for funeral commemorations where crowded participation will take place. If you want to take advantage of Lady Grammophon halls where you will not have any problems regarding place and transportation, please contact Lady Grammophon.

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