Lady Grammophon
Perfect Address For Your Most Important Days
Lady Grammophon Dortmund is an organization hall which has always managed to stand its name out since its establishment with the energy and quality created by it. Lady Grammophon will continue to serve your dear guests with the most prestigious and up-to-date innovations as of 2018.
Hasan DERE - Founder
Lady Grammophon
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Our hall, designed without compromising on quality, offers unforgettable hours on your special days with our professional work team. You can get to know more about our hall by watching the video tour.
About Us
Grammophon Quality from Past to Present
Attracting attention with its location close to the city center, Lady Grammophon also attracts attention with its forested stance. The Lady Grammophon wedding hall, which can serve up to 400 people without meals and meals, has the highest technology lighting, sound and stage for your most special events.

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